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Look here to Understand ‘What is an eBook?’



Right now as we are living in the age of electronic and digital, more and more electronic products are invented such as eTickets, eBanking, eWallet, eCard, eCigarette, and so on. All these fabulous electronic inventions are created because of the Internet. Therefore, when it comes to reading, eBook is created.

It has been revolutionised from the paper book and now it is in the form of an electronic book. From the wording, we can assume we know what is an eBook already, but there are more than just an electronic book. So we will show more about ‘What exactly is an eBook‘ in the article below!

What is eBook

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What is an eBook?

To put it easy and straight forward, it is a book transformed into a digital form where it is displayed on an electronic screen. You can view and open the ebook on your computer and smartphone devices. The most crucial part is that eBook uneditable because the reflowable electronic book is in a digital format where you can view it on your computer or smartphone devices.

Some Characteristics of eBook

Some features that you can define the digital format you are reading is an eBook on your devices. Therefore, we will show some unusual characteristics of the eBook!

eBooks Are Not Editable

One specific component of an eBook is the text content of the book are not editable. One of the main reason why it is converted into eBook format is ensuring it is uneditable. This is to protect the copyright of the particular book where thousands of people can access it without the author’s permission. Therefore, to qualify a digital reading book as an eBook, one must not be editable.

eBooks Content is Reflowable (except it isn’t)

The other important characteristic is an original eBook should be reflowable. Reflowable means that the text of the ebook is always fit to your screen no matter what device you are using or the size of the screen. The document will remain the same format and fit perfectly with on your screen.

But there is one exception for this trait is PDF format ebook. Even though users can’t edit PDF, but they are found to be not reflowable. Therefore, not many qualify PDf as an eBook according to the characteristic of it. Still, because of many businesses taking advantage of the compatibility of PDF, in the end, PDF has become the Unofficial eBooks in the industry.

Document File

What are the eBook Formats?

When you are trying to search for eBook formats on the Internet, you may come across with a few results. However, there are only a few formats that are widely distributed because of ease and compatibility. These formats are EBUP, PDF and AZW.

EPUB Format (.epub)

EPUB stands for electronic publication. It is the most used and supported format on the Internet. There are reflowable which makes eReaders to read with better performance and more relax. EPUB also is supported by a lot of devices including PCs, smartphones, Tablets, Moving Screens and others.

AZW Files (.azw)

Amazon develops a format called AZW files. These files are more functional where it can store more complex content such as highlights, notes, bookmarks, scratches, etc. Unfortunately, AZW files are limited to Kindles or accessed through the Amazon online bookstore.

PDF Format (.pdf)

As for PDF, it is known as a portable document format, which as we explained earlier, it is not a true eBook, but it is still the most prefered format by most users.  Even though it is the most prefered format, but for some small categories can have a different opinion.

This is because the format is not reflowable which makes users with the smaller screen are having difficulties in reading. But generally, PDF format is still one of the best-used eBook formats, especially publisher and markets.


Benefits of eBook

Many can ask, what are the benefits of eBook production? We list some of the essential benefits that eBook brought to us:

1) Save Space and Money

Without a doubt, by using an eBook, you can save up a lot of storages and desk for yourself. Fewer books with more storage space! Besides, with everything is electronic, there will be a reduction in the manufacturing and shipping industry. This makes eBooks to cost cheaper than the original paperback books.

2) Save the World Environment

As we stated with the reduction of manufacturing, we will save up more tress from paper production. This is approximately millions of trees every year!

3) Portable and Convenient

With everything is on the Internet, we don’t have to carry around a big book by our side whenever we need to read a book. We can open up on our devices by reading through any application on which support eBook. As for PDF format eBook, you can always edit and view by any free PDF editor software on the Internet.

4) Save Time

Say goodbye to book store since eBooks are online on the Internet for everyone! We can download the eBook immediately after purchase on our devices. This can save up a lot of time by going to the bookstore or even order a book from other cities and wait for the shipping time to deliver the book.

In a Nutshell

Internet in this era has undoubtedly revolutionised everything even in readings as eBooks will continue to develop to ease readers and markets. How far the eBooks can be transformed is still be an unknown for us. But with the benefits and technology we had right now, let’s maximise the use of eBooks in our daily life!

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